Workshop Possibilities

I. NUNO FELT is suitable for Wearables in ALL seasons, for Interiors (exciting window or doorway designs), or for purely Visual Art.

Nuno Felt Technique Workshops:

Basic Nuno Rusca—"Rusca" is Medieval Latin for bark of a tree. By contrasting the shrinking of felted wool fiber with non-shrinking weave, into which the wool fibers are bonded, a ruching effect of soft texture occurs - like rusca.
Nuno Collage—This version of Nuno Felt introduces a layered textile. Incorporating multiple weaves with diverse characteristics and the great Bonus of Recycling those pre-loved or salvaged (old or new) fabrics.
Nuno Lace— An openwork fabric of patterned spaces, felting into areas of weave and connecting with paths of wool felt.
Nuno Relief—Build felted forms into and out from a woven textile base for exciting 3-D surfaces, all joined during the felting process and shaped in the round after.

Nuno Felt Applied Technique Workshops:

Nuno Felt Vests-Transform a sheer base weave with soft merino wool fibers into colorful, light weight vests. Possibly add snips of select yarns, novelty fibers and even collage weaves, for exciting texture and mystique.
Nuno Raiment's-Feature sheer and lustrous silks, luminous weaves and metallic snippets in symphonic felt collage for draped wearables. An overdying sessions may also be included for ultimate magic.

II. Tropical felt is a fine, light, mostly wool fabric designed for use in the tropics and summery climates. It is useful as any soft fabric, such as cozy neck or shoulder wraps, a loose fitting layer, or even transparent window treatments.

Fine Felts and Fanciful—Layer of soft wisps merino wool fiber from your own blended palette. Trap snippets of filament, confetti weaves and silk fibers in-between. Fine felt borders could grace an edge.
Tied Up Felts—Fine wool fibers bind and enmesh whatever it is they are tied up with, forming a lacy layering of scribbled, "tied" yardage.
Garden Felts—by shaping lengths of wool roving, and connecting these through feltmaking techniques, (possibly adding soft pre-felt shapes), an all wool, open work can result that is reminiscent of a garden.

III. Felt Hatmaking workshops are either one day classes or extended over several days for more intensive, advanced instruction.

Colorful Felt Hats-this basic hat making course uses resist techniques for making multicolored brimmed or turned up hats or berets. Any dimension crown or head measurement can be accommodated. Flat berets can be reshaped in a myriad or amazing forms. Various 3-D projections may emerge, in the advanced versions.
Flat Felt Hats-create yardage intended for sewing into soft hat shapes. The traditional Pakistani roll up shape is one possibility. Combine wool types for rich texture, add yards or pre-felts for surface design, make tassel to add a striking touch.



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