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My name is Polly Blakney Stirling. I am a professional textile designer and freelance tutor known for my contemporary approach to the medium of handmade felt. I have a diverse background as an, interior designer in Boston, fashion designer's mannequin in London, and leather worker and weaver in Australia. All these experiences have contributed to my creative development as a Designer/Feltmaker.


In 1990 I became entranced by the myriad of transformations of the rich and ancient textile called felt. I spent most of the ensuing decade seeing what new forms could evolve, as appropriate for the subtropics of Australia where I had lived for nearly 20 years. The techniques I developed for making lightweight felts soon led to experiments combining other materials, and in 1994 my assistant Sachiko Kotaka and I developed the technique we termed "Nuno Felt." By manipulating a minimum amount of wool fiber through a fine base weave we could make a felted fabric with characteristics quite different from traditional felt.

Nuno felt is lightweight with drape and flexibility. There are many possibilities for transparency, exciting texture, conglomerate layering of materials with diverse characteristics, and thus great multi dimensions.

Invitations to teach internationally have allowed me to advance the appreciation of Nuno Felt in England, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, and Japan. Also in the May 1999 issue of Threads Magazine, my article on "Featherweight Felt That Drapes" can be referenced for further information on Nuno felt.

Nuno Felt Fabric

I currently reside in Upstate New York and in Australia teaching extensively.  If you would like further information regarding the organization of workshops, click on "Workshop Possibilities". If you are interested in viewing pieces of work, click on "Hats", "Wearable Art Gallery", or "Felt Fabric Gallery".



If you have any questions, you can reach me using the information provided below.




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